The Moon Is Made Of Swiss Cheese


The images on the left are of the moon, and the right is Swiss cheese.
It is obvious to see that the holes in the moon resemble that of Swiss cheese. They look a little different because of perspective. Remember that the moon is about a quarter of a million miles away, so there's that. The holes in the moon are larger, in comparison, because the moon is larger - but the holes in the moon are proportionate to the size of the holes in Swiss cheese. And when you look at the holes / indentations in the moon, you'll notice that they look EXACTLY LIKE THE HOLES IN SWISS CHEESE!
You may ask: You know the moon is gray and Swiss is yellow, right? While that's true, remember:
A) you are looking at the moon from a quarter of a million miles away,
B) you are looking at the moon through the Earth's atmosphere, and
C) the moon is illuminated by the yellow sun and the yellow light of the sun "cancels" the yellow tone of the moon so it appears to be gray. And the Swiss cheese is being looked at from inches away.
You may ask: why didn't I know this before? Because the government is consipiring to keep this information from you. How else could this be hidden for so long? They don't want you to know.
You may ask: why isn't it moldy? Because there is no air and oxygen in space, which is the catalyst for mold development.




I have always felt that the moon is made of Swiss cheese, and now that I see the evidence, I am convinced of it. Now if I can just find proof the 2020 election was stolen [ed.: it wasn't], I'll be very happy.
Some poeple are brainwashed by the left news media and this proves how biased they are - they never cover this!
I don't like when my comments are fact-checked. Now I have a website to refer to so I don't sound like such an idiot..

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